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Erin is so helpful and goes out of her way to find me clothes that suit me. She always makes sure you are happy with your purchases and never pressures you to buy. Her clothes are excellent quality and condition and she gives me ideas for what colours and styles suit me. Could not recommend her enough, she is delightful and so professional with her business. Highly recommend and have loved the items I’ve purchased from her with the added bonus of her selling my items. Thank you Erin!

Cheraine Hamersley PERTH WA

Erin was amazing and so helpful with both giving her quality clothes to sell, and also purchasing quite a few beautiful pieces from her store and shop! Her service was amazing. The prices were super affordable and always a smile on her face… She also gave me honest advice If things looked good or not which to me means 200% excellent :-)Highly recommend Erin’s business!!!

Shohan Wembley PERTH WA

Erin’s service has been incredible. From decluttering my wardrobe to then finding reasonably priced and good quality clothes and then giving styling tips. It has been the makeover that I needed (but could never afford!). Erin is passionate about her business and genuinely cares about her customers - constantly keeping an eye out for items you might be looking for. She has opened my eyes to the importance of sustainable fashion. And my wardrobe has never looked better!!! I highly recommend you check out her website and shop 😊

Jenna Karrinyup PERTH WA

Erin has saved me time and money. I now have a range of clothes for my new job and fun going out clothes. The quality and presentation of the outfits was next level. I’m now kicking myself that I didn’t book an appointment sooner. I will definitely be booking in regularly to drop off my unused clothes and shop to find new fun items. I highly recommend this service.

Angela Doubleview PERTH WA

Erin has a real knack of understanding what you need and what will work with the concept you have in mind. I cannot fault her service, I always leave with an armful of fabulous acquisitions that I would have been brave enough to try without her advice and guidance. Thank you for helping me elevate my wardrobe and educate my fashion sense.

Mel Clarkson PERTH WA