Do you open your cupboards and feel overwhelmed by all the clutter inside and don't know where to begin? 

If your answer is yes, get in touch. I am experienced in decluttering, home organisation and consignment selling in Perth. I can declutter your wardrobe, pantry, bathroom, home office, garage or whole house. Refresh your home or get it ready to sell. I can clear out the clutter and sell it for you and bring order to your home. Perth Decluttering available by appointment. Go to the contact us page to let me know the details of your job. 

Book today - After hours times available - $50 per hour 


Consignment Selling


If your answer is no, make sure you get in touch. It's a time consuming task that you can leave up to me. I have many years of experience selling unwanted items on online platforms , and because of my visual merchandising background I know the best way to present your items in the most visually appealing way to help them sell for the highest price. When you have decluttered your items and you are ready to drop off to me please label them in seperate bags as follows:






Thanks for considering Beach Folk Ecofashion to sell your beautiful clothes. I pride myself on selling good quality clothes and I am a highly rated seller. In order to keep my high rating it is super important if you are consigning with me to provide clothes that are thoroughly inspected for any damage before dropping off. My time is precious and I have clothes dropped off every week and I have minimal time for cleaning, ironing and mending. So please look over my check list below and fix them prior so they can be ready to go before getting in contact :




Check Zipper By Opening and Closing it

Check that no stitching has come undone where zipper connects at seam

Check item by holding up to light to check for any holes even minor like a pin hole

Check in natural light for fading

Check in natural light for any pilling especially under arms and along arms

Check for make up or any stains particularly at neck line, arm holes and cuffs

Check no stitching is broken along all seams

Check there is no deodorant stains on inside and outside of armpit

Check smell of garment make sure it is freshly cleaned as some items may have sat in your wardrobe for a while and smell musty

Check that it is ironed or steamed or dry cleaned

Check hems to make sure they are all intact

Check crotch area for pilling, stains or broken stitching

Check if there is any pet hair in natural light  on garment




After inspecting all garments and you feel they are ready for resale. Please send a photo of each item hanging on a hanger and its label so I can see what the item is and sizing. Please only send photos of items that would sell in the current season your are in when contacting me. Keep other seasonal items for when it is closer to the next season. As I may have a similar item in my inventory and won’t be able to take it till another time. I mainly take Westfield brands and some high end items but women’s clothes only. I don’t sell wedding or ball dresses. Mainly party, evening/cocktail, casual and office wear. I rarely take shoes as they take up a lot of room in my storage.


You will then need to fill out a form stating you are selling personal items only as a consignor and not as a legal business. I will store your clothes on my premises and they still remain your property until sold. I will look after photographing, styling, postage and liaising with customers on your behalf. Once dropped off and I have spent time photographing and promoting your items and your decide you want them returned before 3 months I will need to charge a $50 fee for my time on collection of items.


You will need to manually enter your items to consign in my system letting me know generally what price you bought it for and what you would like to sell it for. Please keep in mind you won’t get the same price back that your bought it for. Clothes depreciate like cars and are worth normally 70% off what you paid for it. So if its a $100 dress it will sell for between $30 - $50.


Your items will be listed on multiple platforms for example Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Depop, Poshmark, my website and in my shop. Once items have sold and you have registered your email and details with my vendor consignment portal on my website you will be notified of a sale. The final amount owing to you will be minus platform fees, postage and my commission which is 50%. Postage is charged to the buyer not you.


To keep the recycling loop going your amount earned buy reselling with me can be used as store credit to buy other items from my website or shop. Or you can cash out by emailing me and this will be deposited with in the week of you notifying minus a $4.95 admin fee straight to your bank account.


If an item doesn’t sell I will need to reduce the price so you will need to discuss the lowest price you would take. Please let me know if your item isn’t successful in my little shop if you want it returned or donated to charity.


I look forward to reducing fashion waste together with you!


Warmly Erin xx